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Spray Foam Insulation Minneapolis – Lower Heating Bills

A new and exciting technology in the building industry, spray foam insulation has actually been in use for over seventy years! The US Military first started using the product for their aircraft in the 1940s. It reached the private marketplace forty years ago, and is now gaining popularity in both new and existing construction.

spray foam insulation minneapolis

Because of its ease of installation and ability to seal hard-to-reach areas, the product is particularly well-liked with owners of older homes. It can also be applied directly inside wall cavities without the mess of having to take down the original gypsum board or plaster.

The advantages of adding this product to your house are threefold. Principally, you will money on your home’s heating and cooling expenses. Secondly, it will dampen the street noise you might hear inside your home. (This product can also be installed in interior walls to deaden sound transmission between rooms such as bathrooms or media rooms.) Finally, you can rest easy knowing that you are helping the environment by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels.

R-values are as much as 50% higher than any other material commonly used in residential applications. When comparing estimates, keep in mind that different brands and manufacturers boast slightly varying R-values – anywhere from R-5 to R-8. Soy-based formulas are also available.

If you hire a Minneapolis insulation contractor, they will apply insulation to a new home under construction within one day. Insulation of whole buildings or houses is usually done by a special insulation contractor, as they have the proper safety gear needed to avoid complications such as skin irritation, eye irritation, or respiratory problems.

The most common application for sprayed insulation is existing homes. Small openings are made at the top of each stud cavity, from either the interior or exterior of the house, and the foam is sprayed inside the wall. This results in a huge savings of cost and time for the homeowner, as he does not need to remove and replace all the sheet rock or old plaster.


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