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Blown Insulation Minneapolis What Are The Best Types?

Blown insulation is the act of spraying filling materials into crevices, cracks, walls, floors, wall cavities as well as attics. There are various reasons as to why an individual would undertake this activity. Such reasons could be energy savings, reduced costs of energy, maintain required temperature conditions or even reduce noise between rooms. Whatever the reason, this technique employs a number of materials as its fill products.

The first material is the cellulose. This is the result of recycled print materials such as newspapers that are subjected to fire retardant. These materials are efficient and the fact that they conserve the environment through recycle of such papers turns it to being environmental friendly. Cellulose provides a tight fit which is the determinant of success in this practice. However this type of spray material has to be free from moist or water as it takes very long periods of time to dry or might not dry altogether.

There are three types of cellulose namely, loose fit cellulose, stabilized cellulose and wall cavity spray. The loose fill cellulose is run throw a blower and through the use of access holes, its sprayed to feel voids after interior work is through. Its used dry. The stabilized cellulose is used with a little moisture which helps control dust. It also has adhesive which makes it preferred by builders for horizontal fills. Wall cavity sprays are used on walls and are pref in vertical positions. They have adhesive which supports them in that position.

Spray in form is another material that can be used. Also known as spray on polyurethane foam, it forms compactly sealed barriers through its character to expand which enables it to fill cracks and voids. It is been termed as highly effective since it is virtually able to form insulation against any air infiltration.

Known to maintain some degree of flexibility as the home ages, spray-in forms require high skill to pull through since upon application, its possible to expand up to a hundred times its initial volume. It is also attributed to being the best producer of the highest R-value. Although relatively expensive, it is the best air barrier solution.

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Loose fill fiber glass is the product of glass spun into fibers. Mildew, moisture and fungus are known to be effectively eliminated by use of loose fill fiber glass. Since it is made from recycled glass, it is possible to leave particles hanging in the home. To deal with this, containing the fiberglass with nettings is done. Fire resistant, odorless as well as chemical-free nettings are used which fill up the netted cavities.

Soy is also a natural substitute to the foam. The inert form of soya beans is air tight forming a barrier. The lack of chemicals in this is a major advantage as those individuals who are opposed to the chemical based foams for fillings can opt for them. Similarly, castor beans serve the same purpose as the soy which is as a substitute to foam.

Whichever the spray one opts for, the underlying factor is that the ability to reap from the numerous products has been guaranteed. It is important to study all the pros and cons in order to come up with the best blown insulation material to use.


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